Welcome Everyone-First Blog Post



2016-11-11-16-52-35Wow! Can you believe what I just did? well I can’t. I just started my first blog post which for me right now is scary but at the same time exciting. Hello everyone! My name is Serishka but for short you can call seri. If you are reading this, then I would like to welcome you to the family of ‘StyleWithMePretty’.I hope that you will be joining me in my journey as I go along.

But wait! before we start our journey together as a big happy family I would like you to know whatever I do share with you, I will be 100% honest with all my own opinions. I am super excited to share everything with you. From beauty, fashion, lifestyle, Disney and general advice based on my past experiences.My blog audience is for 20-30 + year old women BUT ANYONE is welcome to join.😊

My blog is going to be about my own personal style and fashion. “I don’t keep up with trends, I make my own trends”. I hope that you will be interested and enjoy my upcoming posts.


Lots of love,





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Instagram: @stylewithmepretty



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