Are You An Angry Bird?


Well! I know I am an angry bird! Anger is the worst thing that anyone can have. When I usually get angry I start fighting with everyone around me as well as my loved one’s. I start hurting myself both mentally and physically. Sometimes when I do get angry about certain issues that I cant cope with in life. I take a knife to cut myself. The reason I take that step is because I feel like no one understands me and my pain and what I actually go through in life. It feels like my whole entire life is upside down and that there is no hope but only to kill myself. What I don’t know is that by getting angry I am hurting myself as well as my loved ones around me. You know sometimes life is tough but that doesn’t mean we must hurt others around us. Anger actually makes us look bad to others. It will make others to hate you more and trust me on this! I guess anger is normal, everyone has it. But how we manage our anger is the CRITICAL ISSUE. Anger to me is evil and its a trap! anger takes the better of us!

If by any chance  you have the same problem as me and you need help overcoming this. Then try and do what I have learnt. What I do now is whenever I get angry I take a long walk by myself and think about everything that’s worrying me instead of me fighting and hurting my feelings as well as my loved ones. I also normally take a deep breath and count till ten or just go to my room and cry it out so that I will feel much better afterwards. These tips do work. I also learnt in life to forgive and forget which is still a bit hard for me to do but I am sure I will get there.

I hope that this was of some help and that you all could relate to this post and if you want to ask me something regarding this post then comment below and if you need help with anything or any advice please feel free to let me know or if it is something personal and you would like me to help then email me and I would definitely respond . please remember whatever I am saying is based on my personal experience and just to let you know I am in no way a registered psychologist or counsellor.I am a person who loves to give people advice so where I can help I would help 🙂






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