Pretty Eyelashes-Givenchy Review!


So whenever I purchase Givenchy products I always get samples which is super cool! I love samples because you could use them for travelling purposes or use the product at your own leisure and samples are good just incase you not too sure about paying a lot of money for a certain product, samples are best to try out and see if that product is going to be worth your money. If you end up liking the product then you will obviously purchase the full size product.
So that being said, I recently tested the Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara sample


Although this is a sample, I must say it really works wonders for me! The colour of the mascara is black which I love. This mascara really lengthens your lashes and gives you full volume. In other words, It gives you a false eyelash look on your own natural eyelashes. I would definitely use this on days where I run late and do not have much time to put on a lot of makeup. The best part is that it doesn’t clump or flake. Trust me, I went to sleep with this baby on my lashes and let me tell you I was super impressed by it. It did not flake on my pillow or smudge at all!

In my opinion, this is a great mascara and a ‘must-have’! (I can tell from the sample I used).

 I really recommend this mascara and I am definitely going to buy the full size. It retails for R580 at Redsquare or you can purchase it at Edgar’s stores.

Did you try this mascara? Whats your ‘go-to’ mascara? Let me know in the comments section below.

Givenchy noir volume mascara R580..full size!





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