First impressions: They’re real! Benefits push up liner review ..


You know how we girls all love benefit cosmetics right? Their cute packaging and good quality makeup. I was in need of a new liner so I decided to purchase the Benefits: they’re real! push up eyeliner. The beauty consultant from benefit helped throughout and she also tried this product on me eyes before purchasing it. It looked super easy to use and was totally impressed the way it looked on me.

But did I really like the product? Read on to find out…


okay so when you open the cap out you would see a winged shaped liner which is super cool. The whole point of its shape is to get that perfect cat winged look (sharp enough to kill😉).how cute!I took the lid out and thought that the liner is there already but I was surprised that when I put the product on nothing was coming . You know why? Because I was supposed to twist and twist until product came out then used it. Was a bit of a mission the first time you use the product.

I know it supposed to be like a gel eyeliner but however it does give that, but what i dislike about this product is that the eyeliner has  thick clumps when you apply and it does tend to give a smudgy look. I don’t know if it’s just me but thats how I find the product.

Overall I am disappointed on the texture and it is a mission to twist to get the product because I normally know that if you open the cap you expect the product to be there but this you have to twist and twist. to be honest I would not purchase this again.but if they come up with a better or more improved one I would be likely to try it out!

This retails for R335 and you can purchase this from Foschini / Edgars and Redsquare.

I hoped you enjoy this post!

Have you tried this product? Did you like it? Let me know your thoughts..





4 thoughts on “First impressions: They’re real! Benefits push up liner review ..

  1. I used this product a lot when I first purchased it and it worked really well then one day the liner just started to clump up on me! I definitely want it again but for now I’m really into marker liners! Haha! Great post! Love benefit! 🙂


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