..13 Problems I Face Wearing Glasses..


1)  Whenever  I drink anything hot I end up having fog in my glasses.

2) When the rain drops get into my glasses 😵

3) My glasses are too loose and fall of my face or too tight and hurts behind my ears.

4) I end up loosing my glasses for some reason. OR I mistakenly sit on them 😉

5) Whenever I have to go into the bathroom without wearing my  glasses and I can’t see properly.. oh no! A SPIDER!

7) Whenever I go to my  optometrist and I can’t seem to find my perfect frame or they don’t have it with my prescription!

8) When I see these gorgeous Rayban aviators and find out that they can’t be made with my prescription or if they do it wont turn up the colour I want it to be…hate that!

9)  Whenever I get a new pair of glasses and everyone around me wants to try it on😠

10) Whenever I wear glasses people think I look intelligent like a nerd(lol).

11) When I wear eye makeup and people can’t really see how beautiful it is with my glasses on.(lol)

12) When I want to look cute in my selfies so I have to take my glasses off!

13 ) People call me “4 eyes”

But end of the day I LOVE my glasses!😊

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