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You know I taught I will share an interesting post with you guys. It is all about what I faced younger wearing glasses and I hope you could all relate to this post somehow, because I do know that some girls have the same problem up till now.So I taught that this post will help you out. Are you ready? 😊

When I was in high school ( 8th grade) that is when I first started wearing glasses.My first pair of glasses was very plain, simple squared looking glasses. I guess at that time in life there had no pretty , fancy frames. Almost everyday, someone in my class would make fun of me or leave a nasty comment. If you wear glasses/wore glasses at that time you will understand what I mean right? if someone wanted to talk to me they would always call me by the name ‘girl with the glasses’ OR ‘hey four eyes’ despite knowing my name! And one day when I was at home I mistakenly sat on my glasses (lol) next day I wore It, It was a bit tilted to the side. Now because of that someone said’ hey girl stop walking/ seeing sideways’.  As a girl we go through so much with wearing a pair of glasses.(SELF COUNSCIONESS )

One day, I decided to stop wearing my glasses just because I wanted to look cool/pretty like the other girls. you know we always like to compare ourselves to other girls who in our eyes think is pretty! Now because of this I could not see the chalkboard so who ever sat next to me I would copy what they wrote and even if I had to walk and someone tells me ‘hey’ I will mistake them for being someone else just because I couldn’t see from far (blur like vision). It was a very funny experience without my glasses.

I was trying to look good without my glasses because I was really self-conscious about how I look and what people are going to say about me. Also trying to impress the cute boys haha! Eventually as time went on (2 years), I realized my sight was going worse. So when I went to an optometrist and they had said to me “if I do not wear my glasses soon enough I would strain my eyes and would lose my eyesight.My eyesight was Very weak/bad!

Now, this news hit me so bad! Because obviously I didn’t want to lose my eyesight.This is where I realized how important my eye sight was to me. So I taught to myself ‘do I want to wear glasses to protect my eye sight or not?’ or ‘do I want to look cute to impress others’. which is more important.? So I decided I wear my glasses and this time is was purple. It was all branded (Prada) and I was so excited to give this a try ( 10th/ 11th grade) A lot of people loved my glasses and told me I look nice etc.

Guys, I learnt that we should not impress others but ourselves. We should not even care about ‘other’ people who are making/ passing comments about us. End of the day if we don’t wear our glasses whose eyesight gets bad? THERE EYE SIGHT OR OUR OWN? exactly that’s the point!.I am sick and tired of doing things to impress people. We always give/show people what they want to see.Its like we need approval from everyone else.Its like our own like doesn’t count. Its like they run our lives and we dont have NO control.What about our happiness being lost? why should we do this for him/her? why not ourselves? Even sometimes up till now we all feel self conscious but like I said whose going to suffer in the end?! We will only realize until you lose it.Guys we should be happy being a nerd or being called 4 eyes because end of the day we should not change who we are! People should love us for us!

Sometimes people ask why I don’t wear contact lenses’ I did try it and I don’t feel comfortable. So glasses is the best and safest option in my opinion.There are many to choose from and what makes it even better? glasses/ nerd glasses are style/ fashion.

So you do what is good for you and what makes you comfortable don’t do something you will later on regret.

DESPITE these problems I still love my glasses! I haven gotten so used to wearing them that I really don’t  care what people think about me. If I personally feel good, then I really don’t care about what others got to say!. If I don’t wear my glasses then it will affect my eye sight NOT others!

I hope you all can relate to this and remember I love you lots😙feel free to leave a comment below if you relate to this…

Hope you enjoyed this post😊img_20170121_214509_452


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