..All About Depression..

It’s being a while…  As you can tell from the topic I will be talking to you about depression.If you suffer from depression or would like to know what it is then read on…

Now many of you must be wondering what is depression?

Depression is when you continuously feel sad and lose interest in ordinary daily activities of live. (Depression affects the way you think,feel and act.)It is a serious medical illness. Almost everyone has depression/or are suffering from depression.

A person who is suffering from depression will see their life as hopeless.Sometimes when you suffer from depression you can have suicidal thoughts depends on how severe your depression is.You can have a change in your sleeping pattern(can’t sleep properly )and you can have an increase or decrease in your habitat.

There are many types of depression but to name a few:

Major Depressive disorder: This effects with a person’s ability to eat,work,sleep etc.It prevents a person from functioning normally

Dysthymic Disorder: This is also called Dysthymia.This is more of a long-term depression (lasts 2 years or longer)

There is also Bipolar Disorder which is also called manic Depressive illness. It is like when a person suffers from severe mood changes.

These are some of the moods that people with depression suffer:

  • Continuously feeling sad
  • Feeling hopeless/feel life is hopeless
  • Suicidal thoughts Increase/decrease in your habitat
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Lack of interest in hobbies/activities you do daily.
  • Insomnia

People who are suffering from depression should seek /undergo treatment by their doctor.(psychiatrist/psychologist)you would likely be on medication or worst comes to worst hospitalised for your treatment to take place.

Also depression most likely takes place when there was personal family history in depression (meaning if someone in your family suffers/suffered from depression then you most likely to get it). Depression can also be caused if you have psychical illness or suffer from lot of stress/trauma and so on.

I suffer from depression. A lot of people feel ashamed to say it but fear is always controlling us so I thought why not break the ice and share this with you ,so that if you too have depression you would not feel alone! I have been suffering for years now. I always lie down in bed feeling sad ,don’t feel like waking up from bed. I would always like to be alone .Cry almost all the time.But how ever I do seem to eat much more.I am currently on treatment (taking medication).

Sometimes it is so hard for us because we normally feel depressed 90% of the time . When we think about suicide and all that people without depression think we crazy. THEY do not understand our point of view . I learnt in life not to be alone and try to make friends because if you be alone you are most  likely to be depressed .

Sometimes a lot of people can’t talk to their families about certain situations so guys I feel that you should talk to someone who you can trust and that will not only listen but understand you which is of vital importance.

Remember if you want to chat to someone,I am here guys! Chatting to someone makes you feel 100% better! I CARE FOR YOU!


 Anyways wish you all ‘happy holidays’😚



2 thoughts on “..All About Depression..

  1. Siobhan Hughes says:

    I’ve been suffering with depression for a long time – I was diagnosed in 2009, and have been on and off medication for it since. I actually battle with depression and anxiety quite badly, and it’s taken me years of therapy and finally finding a medication that works. The first 2 I was put on made me gain a heck of a lot of weight, and made me feel numb, and ashamed of having to take a pill for it. After talking it through with the doctor, he said that I should treat it like a chemical imbalance – some people battle with thyroid problems and take a pill for that, some people have diabetes and take medication for that. I just have a lower level of serotonin in my body than a lot of people, and my body battles to produce it. He said I shouldn’t be feeling overly happy or numb and without emotion on the meds, that I needed to find one that just made me feel normal.

    It sucks that I need it, and I’m on a course of various supplements now to see if I can come off it, but I’m getting to a place where I find it ok to talk about and not shameful. So many people treat you with kid-gloves or like you have something contagious when you mention it, but it really shouldn’t be as taboo as it used to be.

    The thing I love about blogging, is not only meeting like-minded people with similar interests, but finding all of these creative people that use it as an outlet for various issues. I love that I can be creative and make so many new friends through blogging. This whole competitive attitude that some bloggers have is ridiculous. This, for me, is my way of working through issues and giving myself purpose.

    Good for you, for bringing it up and not worrying about what other people say!


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