Want To Pamper Yourself ?


So the question is..Do you want to pamper yourself? Or maybe just have a little spa day or sleep-over with your friends /  family? Then you are going to love the Essence Trend Edition  ‘Love. Joy .Care’


Here are the products and prices as follows:

Essecnce ‘Love. Joy .Care’ Lip oil (R44,50)*

This is said to have a  a non-sticky texture and is extracted with jojoba oil and avocado oil. Has a touch of coral or fuchsia colour and has a small applicator which is easy to apply on the lips..

Essence ‘love. Joy .Care’ Lip-balm (R38,95)*

Has a vanilla scent to it and also has a very light texture. I sure this will keep your lips all moisturized and hydrated!

ess. Love Joy Care Lip Balm ( package )

Essence ‘Love. Joy .Care’ sharable nail file (R24,95)*

This nail file can be broken into two pieces to share. Sharing is caring 🙂 Also has one side for shortening and one side for shaping.

ess. love.joy.care shareable nail file

Essence ‘Love. Joy .Care’ All in on nail care R34,95*

This is said to have vitamin E. This can be used a as ridge filler, base coast as well as top coat

ess. love.joy.care all in one nail care

Essence ‘love .Joy .Care’ colour & care  strengthening nail polish (R 38,95)*

This also strengthens your nails as it is a strengthening nail polish. Comes in various different colours as in the pictures below.

Essence ‘Love .Joy. Care’ Nail polish remover pads (R28,95)

This is a cute nail remover. Good to travel with or just to keep in your handbag instead of taking a huge nail polish remover. This is a good-to-go nail remover in my opinion! Comes with 30 cotton pads with a delicious apricot scent.

ess. love.joy.care nail polish remover pads

Essecnce ‘Love .Joy. Care’ Intensive love hand butter (R57,95)*

Has a cotton milk scent and this can be used for both hand & nails making them feel soft. Tis does not make your oily  and also said to have a silky, soft texture

Essecnce ‘Love. Joy .Care’ Sleep-mask (R34,95)*

This sleep mask could be useful for travelling. Has to bows on either side and I PERSONALLY THINK THIS IS SUPER CUTE!. It is said to have  high fabric quality.

ess. love.joy.care sleep mask

Essecnce ‘Love. Joy. Care’ Cooling & relaxing eye pads (R 25,95)*

If you have tired swollen eyes or just using social media too much (lol) and would like a eye rest then this would come in handy. All you have to do is just place it in the fridge and BOOM!.. there you go, pop them on and stay refreshed!

ess. love.joy.care cooling and relaxing eye pads

Essence ‘Love . Joy. Care ‘ smoothing cuticle & nail care (R38,95)*

This strengthens your nails with vitamin E. Has avocado as well as soya oil extracts. This nail oil is said to be absorbed super fast.

All these products are mentioned can be found at clicks stores. These are available from mid December 2015 to mid January 2016*

Will you be picking up any?

Because I certainly will be 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Want To Pamper Yourself ?

  1. Lynette says:

    I got the hand butter (which is amazing! ) and the eye mask – I’m terrified of the huge thunderstorms we are having so it helps me to fall asleep easier at night time. I got the same things from the collection for my mom as stocking stuffers. (Btw I’m Lynette from PinkPurpleDots)


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