..Kryolan Foundation & Translucent Powder Review..


I was looking for a good foundation and I came across a shop named kryolan which to me seemed pretty amazing. A lot of presenters/ models use this so I thought why not.

Read on to see what I think…

REVIEW : I purchased a kryolan foundation as well as translucent powder for setting. Both foundation and translucent powder comes in a round container and has the kryolan logo. I feel the packaging  does tend to get a bit messy in the corners when using a foundation brush or beauty blender. I feel that the foundation makes /leaves my face looking pale with no dew or healthy look if you know what I mean..(Has no glow).Also after putting my foundation on I used the translucent powder which made my face seem even more pale which I don’t like. It feels and look to cakey on my face. And I guess this foundation is to heavy to wear o  a daily basis 

The foundation is around R300 and translucent powder is also around that price. I feel like I wasted my money because I am not happy with this purchase. This is my opinion and how it was for my skin, we are not all the same so what works for you might not work for me so maybe this will be perfect for someone with oily skin not to sure though. If you’re wondering; I purchased the foundation in the colour ‘Deep olive’. The stores are at gateway & La Lucia mall in Durban.

But no doubt the kryolan eyeshadow’s are really pigmented and looks awesome.😊

I hope that you somehow find this review helpful/useful.

If you used this product before do you feel the same way or what do you think?

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11 thoughts on “..Kryolan Foundation & Translucent Powder Review..

  1. Nisa says:

    Aww no I’m sorry these didn’t work for you. I also found the foundation and powder to be very heavy and cakey. It’s meant for TV and stage so not really great for everyday wear. It’s also on the pricier side so I’m sorry you wasted your money. Hope you find something better


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