..Freeman Charcoal And Black Sugar Polishing Mask Review..

I always tend to get a lot of blackheads and clogged pores so that is why today I am going to share with you my most favourite mask / scrub which is the freeman charcoal and black sugar polishing scrub/mask.

Review :

Packaging – comes in a 175ml sturdy plastic tube with an open close cap.

Colour And Texture- It is grayish black in colour. The consistency is thick and it’s texture feels more like a scrub. The scent is very sweet and pleasant.

Instead of using a flat brush to apply the mask, I used my fingers as I felt that It applies better (It can be messy though).

Once appiled on my face, It instantly gives a warmth feeling on the skin.

You will need to leave it on for about 5-7 minutes. I then take another 2 minutes to exfoliate using the sugar scrub on my face followed by rinsing with warm water.

This sugar scrub work wonders for me especially for blemishes and breakouts. I instantly saw a glow in my complexion. My skin felt really soft as baby skin. The two wonder ingredients black charcoal and black sugar.

Guys, needless to explain the effectiveness of the polishing black charcoal Polishing away dulling skin cells. Does not dry out your skin. It is the best budget facial detox.

Use this scrub after a week or so because you don’t want to dry out your skin.

Another amazing discovery for this product was when I used it a few times on my under-arms it lightened them up. (I Know it’s weird haha but Its true) and Another way i love using this mask + scrub is when taking a hot shower, feels like a steam facial. I found this to be very effective on and around the nose area for where all the impurities are found.

I have sensitive skin so I can safely say that this product is re-action free!This mask+ scrub duo is a definite for me. My skin feels so refreshed and deep cleansed. Radiance , radiance and MORE radiance It is!

Retails for R90+ and is available for purchase from Dischem pharmacies

What are your thoughts? Did you try this before?

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