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So many of us seem to be taking utmost care for our faces when we seem to realize we doing it ALL wrong. I combined face washing mistakes as well as other mistakes we all make regarding our face. I do know there are 100’s of points but I put up 11 points that clearly shows us the mistakes we are making/doing…

❤ Using the wrong skin care range or using a wrong cleaner. i.e. you are 20 something and using older age skin products like anti-aging creams or if you have oily skin and you are using products that makes your skin more oily.

❤  The biggest mistake is going to bed with leaving our makeup on. This is going to make us have more impurities as well as blackheads/acne.

❤  After washing our faces we all tend to use a towel roughly on our face when we suppose to be gently patting the towel onto our face. This would definitely cause our skin harm.

❤  Putting your face wash on dry skin. Remember we all need our face wash soapy so that it is easy to wash our faces.

❤ Pillow covers not washed/changed daily could have an impact on our faces as our pillow covers tends to hold bacteria.

❤ Over peeling/exfoliating/face will make our skin more dry and dull looking. Try to use face masks after a week or so but NOT EVRYDAY!
❤ Eating a lot chocolate / junk gives you acne. (I am sorry but I can’t follow this chocolates and junk are my favourite😉

❤ Using very hot water. Water that is too hot could probably burst capillaries resulting in redness around your nose area /entire face.

❤ Using glasses that are not cleaned or letting a friend try on your glasses, the glasses could probably have bacteria..

❤ Not drinking enough water which could lead to dullness of skin.

❤ When a new pimple forms and we try to pop them this could lead to serve scaring/marks that will stay for years…

I am guessing most of us relate to the second point we are all guilty of sleeping with makeup on…

*Remember beauties it is vital importance that we do look after our skin especially our face. So remember to drinks lots of water to keep that glow on😘

I Hope you guys enjoyed this post..

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