..Maybeline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Review..

I love trying new eyeshadow’s out ,especially drugstore makeup because high-end products are costly and does not suit everyone’s budget. Maybelline is one of my all time favourite drugstore brands and one their palettes caught my my. Its their Diamond glow palette.

I believe there are 6 variants in this range however, I decided to get my hands on the ‘Maybelline Diamond Glow in purple Drama to try out.


The packaging is in a square plastic case with a transparent clip lid. light in weight, compact and great for travelling.

The name of the palette I picked up is called “Purple drama” and this palette consists of four different shades being white, silver, dark purple and a pink and to top it off they all have a shimmer finish to it.

They feel very smooth in texture and is easy to apply and blend out.

It also comes with a small brush applicator so that you can apply or re apply your eyeshadow when necessary.

These shadows have a lot of fall out. Shimmer eyeshadow’s are generally very messy when they tend to fall all over the eyes.

I suggest that you tap out the excess product from the brush before application to ensure no mess.

Lets chat more about the colours.

All four shades are pigmented but I find that the silver and dark purple shades appear abit chalky.

The white shade is pigmented and great for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners off the eye.

Out of them all, the dark purple is the most pigmented and is my favourite from this entire palette.

The pink, silver and white shade when blended out on my lid almost look like the same colour when I say the same colour i mean they all look silver and the pink would not look pink. I hope I’m making sense?

Has anyone else experienced this?or have any of you brown girls experienced this? Do let me know.

Also it does not apply well with a wet applicator/ brush and It does not apply great with its applicator. Just use your eyeshadow brush instead.

I wished that this palette could have alteast have one or two matte shades.

Over and above, This is a great palette for beginners or for someone who is just starting out or if you a person that’s always in a hurry and have time to do extreme glam makeup, then all you need to do is grab your makeup brush and swipe the colour of your choice away and thats it you done in a minute.

I would recommend that you use a primer for better colour payoff.

This palette retails for R150 at clicks and dischem stores nationwide.

Get it here⬇

maybelline diamond glow palette

TIP: Using the dark purple on the entire lid and white shade for the inner corners looks great for a party look.. OR highlighting the brow bone with the white shade.

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