Monthly Favourites- November & December 2016

Hey guys as you can tell from the title ,this post is all about my monthly Favourites for the months of November and december 2016.Time went by so fast that I did not realize that this post was overdue.Anyways it’s never to late right?! For these months I was mostly into skin care products.



  • Clicks nose perfecting strips R 40 – I know there are many black head perfecting stripes out there but I decided to go for affordable one so I decided to try the clicks brand. This comes with 6 nose strips and claims to remove blackheads. It really does remove my blackheads and impurities out and my nose tend to feel super smooth afterwards. Remember if you are someone who does not like scents/fragrance  then this would really bother you because you going to have to stay with it on for 10 minutes.downloadfile


  • Lux body wash R 50 – oh my gosh! These my are favourite  body wash at the moment. These Lux body wash have the most amazing scents and the scent of the body wash lasts after taking a shower which is why I love this very much. This can be purchased at any local drugstores / supermarket.


  • Labello bold blackberry R22- this is my favourite lip product for the moment of November and still is.This product is good for summer and days when you rushing to work/college and don’t have time to do makeup. This can be purchased from any drugstore ( clicks, dischem)2017-01-04-22-48-37-869293404
  • Himalaya need face wash R48-This is a foam based face wash and has a pleasant scent. Has a lemon scent. Makes my face feel fresh afterwards. This can be purchased at any Himalaya store or any local clicks stores.downloadfile-1
  • Bioderma sebium face wash R208 – this is a good face was for people with combination to oily skin. Has a fragrance but too be honest I really don’t know how to describe that scent to you but if you tried Christina Aguilera’s perfume then this product smells similar to that. This can be purchased at Dischem / Clicks.






  • L’Oréal lipstick in Blake’s lively Red R170– I really love this red has a blue undertone to it and it does dry your lisp but which lipstick doesn’t?! Also it does not come off easy but after couple hours you would definitely need to touch up the middle of the lips and corners but however most lipsticks do that so I really still love this! downloadfile-2


  • Black charcoal and sugar polishing face mask R99* – really love this mask. Makes my feel so soft like a baby’s bottom (haha). (Read previous blog post to see why I love this)


  • Bobbi brown art stick R400– I do know this is really expensive but however if you want to invest on something that really moisturizer’s your lips and have a long lasting colour then I totally recommend these. bb_prod_ea5t_415x415_0
  • Georgia Armani Si perfume R1000*– guys to be honest this perfume smells to amazing! It is strong and musky. Guys I am really bad at describing scents. This perfume lasts long on my clothes. Anyway I Love , Love , Love this! This can be purchase at Red square beauty or Edgars stores.


  • Avon Gel Polish  – not to sure about the price should be around R40 something. I love the colour rain washed. It is a beautiful pastel colour purple/blue. Not that long lasting but I really like the colour a lot.


I choosed the products that I really used alot and really loved in those two months.I know there was not any makeup except for lip products, however I was not feeling for makeup in those two months.There is those we all have where we are not in the mood so yeah.Hope you get me?! Also I used these type of images just becuse when my products got empty I threw them away (silly me)

Is there anything you tried out from my monthly Favourites and liked? Let me know. ..




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