..9 Cures For A bad Day..

No matter how much we try to stay happy and be positive we always experience a “bad day”.I guess it’s part of life right? It’s a normal thing. I suffer from depression as I previously mentioned in my depression blog post. I really do have a lot off bad days so today, I would love to share with you some off my personal tips that helped me cure these “bad days”. Hope it works for you as well.


❤ If you are going through a lot right now and you don’t feel like talking to anyone, then I suggest you definitely write down your thoughts on a notebook/diary. I promise this really helps. It gets everything off your chest and makes you feel much better.

❤  Call a friend/ parent / family to talk too.(just let everything out).

❤ Take a break from blogging / social media and just relax.

❤ Listen to some music (not sad ones).

❤ Watch your favourite movies or YouTube videos,  the ones which will really make you laugh.

❤ Pray / meditate, this will help you stay calm.

❤Go do some shopping(buy more makeup) or just treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted.

❤ Sometimes just crying it all out makes you feel better afterwards.

❤ Use a hot/cold mask on your forehead or eyes I promise this really helps you.

Hope this helps..

What are your cures for a “bad day” ?




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