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Best Shades For All Skin Tones

Today I decided to share with you some tips for every skin tone.


DISCLAIMERI am in no way trying to pick on anyone’s skin / colour ! I am  just trying to help you choose the right colours to match your skin tone if you know what I mean. I hope you enjoy 🙂




Fair skin types have rosy undertones, So I suggest you use a pink based foundation. This skin tone will look great in cool make-up shades like petal pink , soft lilac and bright red lipsticks.



Foundations that has a bit of yellow would look really good on this type of skin tone. I feel peachy pinks, taupe’s and maybe a vibrant orange lipstick would really look good.




Makeup that has golden/ yellow / peach based will harmonize well with this skin tone. Colours like coral and melon with suit this type of skin tone . Also olives and honey like colours. If you do like a bright colours then try violet eye shadows and maybe a fuchsia gloss with some shimmer.




A golden tone based foundation is good. This skin tone will look good with golden eyeshadows and a pretty pink eyeshadow and I feel a bit bolder eyeshadows instead of light eyeshadows because they don’t tend to show up very well. This is also my skin tone colour. But if you want to go brighter then try tropical colours.




Rich caramel coloured foundation blends into this skin well. I feel you should try golden neutrals and copper eyeshadows with a plum shade lipstick or even pinks and brick red.




Go with a blue based foundation . Also you could try orange based foundation and shades lie burgundy forest green and spicy hues really pop for this skin tone.



Guys, I hoped you liked this, don’t forge to follow me on my social media . Also Please leave a question for my ‘get to know me’ Q&A using the #AskSeri in the comments below.





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