..Tips For First year College/university..

First year of college / university  can be pretty tough especially when you not an organized person (me).The exams can be pretty tough. So today I am going to share with you my personal tips that helped me when I was in first year.


❤ Say organized. I suggest you date, file all your work and keep them in order. Try to get different Folders/Binders for keeping the different types subjects so in that way you wont have such an issue.


❤ Don’t Leave Anything For Last Minute – Do you assignments beforehand. Just say for instance if today is January 6 and your teacher / lecturer tells you that your ASSIGNMENT is due in 2 months time (march) don’t wait until that month comes .I promise you if you do it last minute you going to have such an issue. Because imagine how many more projects / assignments and tests you have to do and learn for? So always start to do it the first day that you receive your assignment or If it’s due two months from now then start slowly but all I am telling you is you got to start at least somewhere.


❤ Attend lectures If it’s compulsory for you . This will improve your marks and If you are marked by attending classes then I suggest you do. BUT if you are a part-time student then I am sure you wont be needing to go to classes all the time / at all . Sometimes learners love to skip classes here and there and end up failing so please it’s your life you should know what is right and wrong and must prioritize what’s important.


❤   Highlight your important notes.


❤   Use sticky notes to remember your work.


❤   Use a journal / diary planner to help schedule your assignments / tests so that you don’t forget anything.


❤   Drink lots of water.


❤   Don’t procrastinate. Give yourself deadlines and stick to them


❤   Find the ideal place for you to study, be it a coffee place or your bedroom as long you get your work done.


❤  College is both social and academic happening , so do seek a balance between the both.


❤ Don’t cram for hours before a test the next day, study little by little each day.


❤  Have time management


❤ Use flash cards to test yourself


❤ If you don’t like reading but need to read I suggest at the end of each page keep a little treat like a piece of your favourite chocolate or a sweet to treat yourself, this way you will want to read more.


These are all tips that I tried at college ad worked for me. So hopefully it helps you too. If you would like to see more posts based on college / university then please comment below .







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