6 months NO blogging? Where was I LOST?

Hey guys,

Yes, I know. Its being 6 months since I did not blog. I will give you a legiate reason and NO fake excuse.

Guys, Its being hectic to be in a ‘blogger zone’. I was really upset in a way, thinking that ‘Its all a waste of time and I wanted to give up’.


Another part that has to be confessed : My depression was playing a big part in me for these past months. Which unfortunately led to me being de- motivated, lethargic.


So that being said, I realised I came so far in my blogging world like now, I have to realise ‘yes’ there are many bloggers out there BUT I am NOT them I am ME. I just WANT to be ME and I am sure you will support me..Huh? Huh?


However, despite from NOT blogging I have been active on my social media : Twitter and Instagram.


However, on my social media I have been show casing my products that I have purchased and as well as products that I have received from various different PR / Brands.


But the good news is, I am feeling much better and ready to be at my blogging game once again!


I Can’t wait to share with you different products I have purchased and recieved and events that I have been previously invited to.

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LATEST ➡ Disney birthday giveaway currently running on my Instagram @stylewithmepretty.


*Competition is open to SOUTH AFRICAN RESIDENTS ONLY!!!

  • Xoxo😚



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