Unique Blog Award+ Self Esteem Tag

It feel’s so great to receive my second blog award. Thank you so much @dustyroses for nominating me. I really appreciate it!.


*Share the link of the blogger who has nominated you.

*You must answer all questions given

*In spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family : nominate 8-13 bloggers for the same award.

*You must ask them 3 questions of your choice

1) Who do you constantly text?

A family member

2) Which 3 important items you need before leaving the house?

My phone , purse and lipstick.

3)What is your RECENT blog post?

A what’s in my bag in collaboration with another south African blogger.


           MY 3 QUESTIONS FOR YOU :

1) which blogger inspires you?

2) What makeup product you cant live without?

3) Do you prefer online book or book?



*Thank the person who nominated you  and their link to their blog

*Answer 10 questions

*Nominate and tag as many people you’d like to.

                      10 SELF-ESTEEM QUESTIONS 

1) What is one facial or physical FEATURE you like most about youself?

My smile

2) What values are most important to you?

3) What is one personality trait that you like most about yourself?


4) What is your defiintifition of beautiful?

Its in the word itself! Be you. If you just be you then you are truly beautiful.

5) What is the last thing you did that made you smile/laugh?

‘Auto correct mistake’- Instead of saying hello it auto-corrected to ‘bello’ (thought of the minions).😉

6) When do you feel more attractive?

When I feel great I have confidence and thats when I feel attractive 😊
7) What are you most passionate about?


8) Who is the most supportive figure in your life?

My Mom

9) What about yourself, that you most proud of?

Im proud of myself doing well despite depression

10? Do you feel good about yourself today?

Yes, Im feeling 100% unicorn 🦄

             MY NOMINEES :










Thats about it Guys! Hope you enjoyed this post.
Till next time🦄


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