..Impulse Body Spray REVIEW..

Couple months ago RubyBox chose a few rubies to test and REVIEW their Impluse body Spray. I was amongst those lucky few.

I had received the two different variants one being Impulse true love and the other an Impulse Paris spray and in addition they sent matching makeup brushes for both the different perfume spray cans.


They were kind enough to send me nine of them. One for me and the rest for my other eight friends to try and test out.



These fragrances are great! The true love is a much lighter floral scent as compared to the Paris scent which also smells like florals but much stronger. But to be honest I love the True Love better!

Why I love BOTH Impluse True Love & Impulse Paris Fragrance:

 • Lovely fragrance.(scent is amazing)

 • Cute packaging.

 • Twist-open type cap

 • Budget-friendly

 • you can use this for travelling

I previously mentioned it came with matching makeup brushes with the Impulse logo engraved.The brushes were good BUT not the best. However they worked fine for me creating the look.

I have used those brushes to create an Impulse Inspired look with the designated sprays that I have chosen but I decided to do a makeup look inspired by both cans.


In conclusion they both are awesome. Both of these sprays have amazing scents!


My favourite of them BOTH has to be Impulse True Love Fragrance & yes I would definitely be purchasing these again!


These Impulse body Sprays retail for *R23 at Dischem Pharmacies and local supermarket (checkers/ pick n pay).



Did you try Impulse? Which impulse spray are your favourite(s)?.


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