..Dove #100colours Anti-Perspirant Review..



Beauties, I have a serious obsession with these dove anti-perspirant’s . It has become a daily norm where I HAVE to use this by all means. I stopped Nivea for this.. say what?!



*This has a beautiful scent that I absolutely love.

* The dove original leaves a white residue under my arms.

*This product does not last 48 hours rather  lasted me for a 24 hour period until I had a shower the next day.




* Smells good but I love the scent of the dove original better.

*This does not leave any residue under my arms. Nor does it stain my clothes

* I took my colour T-shirts (pink/black/white/red) and tested it out and I must say NO STAINS!

*With dove invisible I feel that the fragrance does not last too long. It lasts for a couple of hours (4/5 hours) . So it does not last 48 hours or even 24 hours.
*BOTH the dove original and dove invisible fragrances are NOT overpowering.


Okay, the question will I purchase these again?  DEFINITELY!

These Retail for *R31+ and you can purchase these from Dischem Pharmacies and local supermarkets. Also clicks store’s nationwide.




Thank you RubyBox for sending me these amazing products!


Disclaimer: Even though I received these products from RubyBox. Whatever is in this blog post is my 100% own views! I just thought it would be great to share product’s thay I enjoy!.


Which is your favourite Anti-perspirant?



2 thoughts on “..Dove #100colours Anti-Perspirant Review..

  1. quiquiluvsya says:

    Love this review. I will definitely try this because I’m the one person at work that has deodorant stains on my shirt due to the fact that I put my deodorant on first before I put my clothes. I love dove products, so I will be trying this soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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