Mii Bombshell Collection+Mii Cosmetics Cherish Collection 


Today I will be talking to you about the newly launched bombshell collection from Mii cosmetics. Mii cosmetics sent me one of their bombshell collection lipstick for me to try out and review.

I was really excited to try this brand for the very first time.

Read on to see what I think…

I am honestly impressed with the packaging. The lip candy gummies was adorable!. The lipstick comes in a lipstick container with a pull-out-lid. It comes in a sleek-looking black lipstick container with their brand name written ‘Mii cosmetics’. It feels quite heavy, Metal -like. When you open it, you will find the actual product. Now the colour of the lipstick looks like a pinky red but when swatched on it is a deep beautiful,red colour.The name of this lipstick is passionate fame and the number is 10.

The shade on my lips looks like a cherry red. It has a velvet/cream texture when applying. As you tend to wear it, It gets dry on your lips like any lipstick does. This lipstick is very pigmented. It does not leave any streakines. It also does transfer and is not long lasting. But that really doesn’t matter to me as most lipsticks that I like from various brands do the same. This retails for R276* at Mii cosmetics.

This is the first time that I am trying their lipstick . I must say it’s not bad hey. For a new makeup brand its of great quality.

So will I buy it? YES , I would totally love to try out other shades 😁

Now, in september their new collection will be lunching.. which is called cherish Mii collection.
Cherish Mii : Choose Love



(1) Couture Eye Colour :Fashion a look that stands the test of time


“Why Mii: our Couture Eye Colour compact is infused with iridescent crushed pearls for a 3D effect. Three harmonising colours create effortless elegance, while the statement metallic shade adds pure impact – perfect to dress up the day, or add sparkle to the night. Tulle (cream) and Brocade (metallic gold) are our highlighting heroes, while Georgette (rose gold) and Organza (stone shimmer) create depth and definition.”

“Follow Mii: For a naturally eye-opening style, sweep Tulle across your eyelid, work Georgette into the crease and add a touch of Organza to the outer edge of the eye. To easily transform for evening-ready eyes, deepen the colours and apply Brocade across the eyelid, then sweep Tulle onto the brow bone to highlight and lift. These colours are made to be layered, beautifully building your perfect look.”

New: Brocade 02

RRP: R 525.00

2) Passionate Lip Lover

Let a moment of flirtation become a beautiful obsession


“Why Mii: embrace temptation and reignite your passion for colour. Our long-lasting lipsticks love you right back with peptides and vitamins to hydrate and condition your lips.”

“Follow Mii: load your Mii Lip Lover Brush with colour, arch your lips and apply in small sweeping strokes. For longer lasting results, blog lightly with a tissue before applying a second layer.”

New: Enthral 12 (pink); Charm 13 (coral)

RRP: R 315.00

(3) Beautifying Brow Wand

Highlight the strength in every expression


Why Mii: your new best friend for beautiful brows, our 3-in-1 super styler combines a triangular tipped precision pencil, creamy illuminator and grooming brush to refine, define and highlight your arches, for a look that will last all day.”

“Follow Mii: use the grooming wand to sweep brows into place, then define your shape with the pencil. The tapered tip is perfect for sketching fine, hair-like strokes or for a stronger look, start with the flat edge against the inner corner of your brow and work outward. Our pencil’s brow-loving texture may feel firm to touch, but glides on effortlessly for a long-lasting and smudge-proof finish. Complete your look by smoothing the illuminator under the brow to add lift and emphasis to your arch.”

New: Truly Fair 01; Truly Medium 02; Truly Darker 03

RRP: R 375.00

“Tip from Mii: Favourite backstage trick for a pretty flush on cheeks this season!”

“Use lipstick instead of blush. Blend a pretty pink lipstick for a rosy glow onto fair skin, or try a coral lip colour for a warmer blush on olive or darker skin.”

Mii Cosmetics website ⬇

Shop Mii Cosmetics

Have you tried Mii cosmetics?

Disclaimer: product sent for review purposes, however all views/ opinions shared and expressed herein are my own and is not influenced by the company or it’s affiliates! This post makes use of affiliate links


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