Pamper Yourself Pretty With Lux Bodywash

Looking for a good body wash with an intoxicating scent but not too overpowering? A scent that said to last up till 8 hours. LOOK no longer because LUX BODY WASH got you covered!

REVIEW: Firstly , This product has beautiful packaging on the bottle. The bottles have an open/close lid and the larger LUX body wash comes with a pump. There are variety of scents in the LUX range but my two personal favourites has got to be LUX SHEER twilight and LUX soft touch. Both of these body wash is said to ‘stay put’ on your body for up till 8 hours after your shower. Too be honest it doesnt last for 8 hours , it lasts for couple minutes (a bit disappointing) but nevertheless I still love these!

Both of these have a very intoxicating scent that will make you feel as if you are in heaven. These Body Wash are so affordable! I also love that each of these have a colour to their body wash. This body wash moistuizers my skin making my skin feel so soft like a babies bottom. This body wash does not dry my skin at all!

The LUX SHEER TWIGHLIGHT– This is inspired by the rare and intense black orchid and juniper oil.

The LUX SOFT TOUCH This body wash is more romantic and feminine. This body wash is infused with French rose fragrance.

So ladies all is left to do is pamper your #selfie. Dim the light, light some candles and lather some of these body wash onto your loofah / body sponge and work it through your body while getting intoxicated with this beautiful scent and listen to some ,love songs’.

Will I buy it again? DEFINTELY! Despite of its non-long lasting scent which I personally dont have a problem with. It is super afforable and of great quality and sure eill last you a long time if used sparingly.😊

These are the prices and sizes:

* 200 ml Body Wash -R22

* 400ml Body Wash – R35

* 700ml Body Wash-R55

You can purchase them at your local stores / drugstores. These are available at clicks stores nationwide and Dischem pharmacies.

Did you try this? Let me know what you think or if you would purchase this product?😊


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