Say No More To Fine Flat Hair

Hey everyone! Happy 1st of july.

Recently, I was chosen by beauty bulletin, a South African beauty platform, to participate in the Dove one wash challenge project.

I have been sent 30 products to distribute amongst myself and four of my friends to try out.

The range that I chose for my hair is the Dove oxygen, moisture shampoo and conditioner for fine, flat hair.

This range claims to use “advanced formulas that contain Oxyfusion Technology which is basically, oxygen fused moisturising ingredients that help to deliver and retain the balance of moisture and volume to the hair. And because it is “oxygen fused”, the moisture and volume are spread instantly throughout the hair, leaving your hair with full volume, bounce as well as easy to manage”.

Dove Oxygen, Moisture Shampoo Review

• Firstly lets talk about the Packaging: I love, love, love how stunning the packaging is. Has a flip and close cap. What I love most about the packaging is because of the reflective metallic blue shine on the bottle.

• The texture of the shampoo is similar to that of a gel and weightless. The product is transparent with a hint of blue.

• The Scent wise, I’d definitely say Clean and Fresh exactly what I love for my shampoo to smell like❤.


Use a pea size amount, Apply onto your wet hair, lather and rinse.

What I noticed from my 1st wash is while working my fingers through my hair , I felt like the oxygen infused moisturiser was working its magic. I could instantly feel like my hair was being deep-cleasned and refreshed. It is not as foamy as I would have loved it to be , so I decided to use twice the amount to my liking) It distributes effortlessly. After rinsing off , I could feel my hair instantly feeling smooth, soft and silky.

Dove Oxygen, Moisture Conditioner Review

The conditioner comes in the exact same packaging as the shampoo : Product is housed in an airless tube with the flip top cap. Texture and consistency – It feels similar to that of your regular conditioner, but just a little bit more thick, rich and creamier. The conditioner has a very fresh and clean scent.


A pea size amount is all that you require. Lather product on your wet hair and keep on for 3 minute’s, allowing for the product to Absorb all the good stuff. What I like to do is combing my hair so that the product infuses well. Now, It’s time to rinse, rinse, rinse.

After a month of using this range, I have noticed a visible difference. These products made my hair feel more nourished. My hair looks and feels super cleansed, soft, silky, shiny and smooth. I am loving the texture Ive been given.

It helped combat my fine flat hair by giving it more body, fullness and some volume , however It didn’t give my hair “extreme”volume but volume that I’m quite contempt with and on the other hand it helped reduce my hair loss and spilt ends (what in the world???) Im not even kidding. Wow! Totally impressed!

Over and above, Dove is my favourite budget skin care brands and It’s my very first time trying out their hair care and I just want to say a Huge thank you to beauty bulletin and dove for introducing me to this range. So far, I have received many lovely compliments from my friends and family. All thanks to Beauty bulletin. Beauty bulletin sure know’s how to hook up a girl with amazing products ensuring she has good hair days. I now feel like “Willow Smith” I whip my hair back and forth ” hahaha.

Dove products are available at Dis-chem, Clicks , Pick n pay countrywide. Both shampoo and conditioner retails for R80 (250ml)

Guys, I would love for you to join me and my 4 other friends in this dove project. You can win R10 000 in CASH with the Dove one Wash challenge!


Purchase your favourite Dove Hair products, Take a picture of yourself with your goodies Share your pic on social media using #DoveOneWashChallenge and #WinWithDoveHairRemember to keep your till slip, you’ll need it to claim your prize! The competition ends on the 9th of July 2018. Ts & Cs apply.

Dont forget to sign up to Beauty Bulletin here (Don’t worry, Its free and you won’t get any unwanted surprises!) Trust me! you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!


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