Theravine “Where Science Meets Natural Beauty”

A while back, the brand ‘Theravine ‘ sent me two products from their pigmentation range to try out. Having that being said , Read on to see my review

About Theravine

“TheraVine™ is a scientifically advanced range of result-driven health and skin care products. Active ingredients, grape derivatives and botanical extracts are fused to formulate skincare that gives you perfectly balanced skin”

Melanovine Solution Concentrate R666 (30ml)

About Melanovine Solution Concentrate
“An intensive treatment complex, which leaves the skin looking brightened and more radiant. Specially formulated for skin struggling with brown spots, uneven skin tone and a dull complexion, this scientifically formulated serum contains a synergistic blend of bilayer liposomal technology, and skin rejuvenating peptides to refine skin texture, lighten existing melanin and prevent photo-ageing.”

My Review:

The solution concentrate is housed in a bottle with a pump dispenser. The actual product is white in colour and has a fast absorbing water gel like texture, dries down completely matte once fully dry.

• This solution concentrate lightened my uneven skin tone.

• Diminish the look of my pigmentation and I was happy with the end results!

• Gave my skin a slight glow

• My brown spots are still there however, It seems to be less visible than before

For usage: Press the pump to dispense the supple amount of product required. Pat dry onto skin. Use twice daily (morning and night)

Use product continuously to see best results.

The Brightening C+ Daily Mattifying R643 (50ml)

About The Brightening Daily Mattifying Day Cream

“A quick absorbing, matte textured day cream, specially formulated for oilier skins struggling with brown spots, uneven skin tone and a dull complexion with the addition of revolutionary power ingredients such as stabilised Vitamin B3, a super anti-oxidant complex and the one of its kind Chromabright® Brightening Complex, this product provides a beautiful powdery matte finish”.

My Review:

Unlike the solution+ concentrate, this comes in an airless tube like packaging with a pump dispenser.

One of the directions as recommended, is using the Melanovine serum first and thereafter applying the daily mattifer to the face and neck thoroughly.

The daily mattifer is a fast absorbing, water gel texture. After applying onto the face it dries down completely matte.

• It helped enhance my radiance

• It works perfectly in conjunction with the solution concentrate for a good foundation base.

• Helped diminish the appearance of my dark under eye area.

I have normal to combination skin and sometimes I tend to get dry around my mouth and chin area and I would not recommend using this if you have dry skin or certain areas that are dry as this is a matte product.

Nevertheless, the Mattifying day cream is more suitable for someone who has a more oily skin type as It dries fully matte and helps control shine giving you a more even toned out look.

Tip: keep the product upright (standing on its lid) so that you always have product in contact with the pump.

Overall, Im really impressed! I have seen visible improvement and I am quite contempt with the end results❤

Theravine product’s are available worldwide. Please click➡ stockists to find out where you can find their product’s and purchase them or alternative option is to shop their Online store

Click here to see which range is suitable for your skin.

For more information head to theravine’s website

Theravine twitter and Facebook
Products were sent to me as a press package in return for my honest review/ opinions.

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