Shaving Tips + Summer Giveaway With Loving Touch

With summer approaching by, im sure we all want those summer ready legs. So today, I will be sharing my first impressions on the Loving touch brand and followed by 5 shaving tips thereafter.

P.S: Don’t forget to stay right till the end as there is a giveaway.

About Loving Touch

Loving Touch is South Africa’s trendiest shaving brand with two ranges; one targeting the modern and confident women of South Africa, with the other directed towards our vibrant teens. This youthful and dynamic brand delivers quality shaving products that not only offer value for money, but also celebrate the natural beauty of our nation’s women.

Triple Blade Disposable Razors, for 5

Loving Touch Teenz Crystals – Twin Blade Disposable Razors, price from for 5

Loving Touch Teenz Softgrip – Twin Blade Disposable Razors for

Loving Touch Sensitive Foam and Gel R52 for 200ml

♡ This foam gel is extremely foamy and thick. glides on perfect and works great when shaving. It leaves my legs feeling silky soft.

♡ This foam gel has a strong fragrant scent to it and can be a bit overpowering.

♡ If you look closer at the acutal product you can see it is purple and white. Pretty cool!

Loving Touch Teenz Hydrating Shave Creme R31.99 for 200ml

♡ This hydrating shave creme is lightweight, It feels like fluff.

♡ It is white in colour and also has a strong fragrant scent to it.

♡ This shave creme doesn’t glide on that well as compared to the sensitive foam gel however it still leaves your skin feeling smooth.

Here are 5 of my best shaving tips :

♡ In my opinion, the best way to shave is after having a warm shower or bath. A warm shower helps soften hair follicles making it much easier to shave

♡ To get the best of shave, you should always shave the hair direction for a much closer and smoother shave.

♡ Always exfo­li­ate your skin before shav­ing. This helps get rid of all the dead skin cells and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

♡ After shaving always rinse your razor as opposed to wiping the razor

♡ Always use a shower gel or cream to shave. Do not shave without any shaving cream, if you do, you will most likely to get cuts and bruises.

And now Its time for the giveaway. I have 2 Loving Touch hampers up for grabs. Keep reading to see how to enter.


1. MUST be subscribed to my blog

2. Name one ingredient in the lubricating strip, on the Loving Touch Shaving Ravors? Don’t forget to use the hashtags #LovingTouchShaving #LoveYourself

3. Like the Loving Touch Facebook page


1. Share the giveaway on Twitter

2. Share giveaway with friends

Now that you know which one is the mandatory entry and which is extra entries, please ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE


• Giveaway starts August 20th and ends 2nd September 2018 (11:59 pm)

• Giveaway is open to South African residence ONLY

• 2 winners to be chosen in total

• Use the link provided in order for your entry to be considered valid.

• Don’t forget to follow all steps. Remember extra entries are optional!

Till then, wishing you all the very best!🍀

Disclaimer: Giveaway is sponsored by loving Touch

7 thoughts on “Shaving Tips + Summer Giveaway With Loving Touch

    • stylewithmepretty says:

      I will not suggest it for facial use unless otherwise stated. The skin on the face is more sensitive than other areas on the body and is prone to break-outs. Rather use something that is meant for facial use or pop into your local drugstore for further advise.


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