Walk The Lanes Of “India”

Every year, during October/ November, Diwali is a festival which is celebrated by Hindus all over the world to signify the triumph of ‘good over evil’. With that being said, why not visit the Diwali Shopping Festival ? With amazing, unbelievable prices and mega discounts on Indian clothing, cosmetic jewellery, make-up, home decor and more!

Let’s not forget about the delicious Indian cuisine. While waiting for a loved one , how about you head to the food court and tantalize your taste buds to a delectable Biryani (an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice with either meat or vegetables).

If you happen to miss india and / or have always wanted to get a touch of it, then do visit the Diwali Shopping Festival as you will literally feel like you are walking the lanes of ” India”.

Don’t forget to save the date, so you won’t be late!

When: 17th August to 2nd September

Time: 11h00 to 21h00 daily

Address: 150 Avondale Road,Greyville, Durban

Entry Fee: R10 per person, however if you spend R300 or more you are entitled to get an entry refund and plus there is free secure parking.

Will you be attending the Diwali Shopping Festival?

For more info visit click here

Disclaimer : sponsored post


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