Hello! My name is Seri,the blogger behind stylewithmepretty.

More About Me

My name is Serishka but most people know me as Seri. I am a 20 something year old from South Africa. I am a student currently studying towards my degree. I am left handed and I am Disney Obsessed.

From a young age, I have been passionate about beauty. I am no professional makeup artist whatsoever but I do know my way around with the brush. My hobbies include drawing/ sketching disney characters and doing hhenna patterns and threading for my friends and family(I am NOT a professional but something I do for fun).”Practice makes perfect”.

More About The Blog :

Established in October 2016, Stylewithmepretty is a South African beauty and lifestyle blog creating content for women in their twenties.

More Of What One Can Expect From My Blog

In Beauty :

•Makeup first impressions

• New in beauty releases/ press releases

• Skincare reviews

• Hair product reviews

• Nail polish reviews

• Beauty hacks/ tips + tricks

• Fragrance review’s

In Lifestyle :

•Monthly favourites

•Fashion + outfit styling / Personal style

•Advice based on personal experiences (depression etc)

• Home dećor

• Beauty + Fashion hauls

• DIY gift ideas for friends and family, seasonal diy foodie + gift ideas

• Foodie reviews/ restaurant reviews

•Short movie reviews

• Media / event reviews

• Disney in beauty, style and home

•Wishlist , Gift guide

• Giveaways

• Travel posts

• My hobbies + other interests ,Q&A’s

Stylewithmepretty has recently collaborated with Daniel Wellington and also have been featured on Mums Mail


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