..Tips For First year College/university..

First year of college / university  can be pretty tough especially when you not an organized person (me).The exams can be pretty tough. So today I am going to share with you my personal tips that helped me when I was in first year. TIPS FOR COLLEGE / EVERYDAY / EXAMS ❤ Say organized. I … Continue reading ..Tips For First year College/university..

..9 Cures For A bad Day..

No matter how much we try to stay happy and be positive we always experience a "bad day".I guess it's part of life right? It's a normal thing. I suffer from depression as I previously mentioned in my depression blog post. I really do have a lot off bad days so today, I would love … Continue reading ..9 Cures For A bad Day..

..13 Problems I Face Wearing Glasses..

13 PROBLEMS I FACE WITH GLASSES 1)  Whenever  I drink anything hot I end up having fog in my glasses. 2) When the rain drops get into my glasses 😵 3) My glasses are too loose and fall of my face or too tight and hurts behind my ears. 4) I end up loosing my glasses for … Continue reading ..13 Problems I Face Wearing Glasses..

Let It Go, Let It Go…

Many of us did things in the past that we are not proud of. Our past could still haunt us up till now. Sometimes we get so caught up in the past that we cant move on in life.Some people experienced a very bad past and then suffered from sever depression and end up having … Continue reading Let It Go, Let It Go…

Are You An Angry Bird?

Well! I know I am an angry bird! Anger is the worst thing that anyone can have. When I usually get angry I start fighting with everyone around me as well as my loved one's. I start hurting myself both mentally and physically. Sometimes when I do get angry about certain issues that I cant cope with in life. I take a … Continue reading Are You An Angry Bird?