Unique Blog Award+ Self Esteem Tag

It feel's so great to receive my second blog award. Thank you so much @dustyroses for nominating me. I really appreciate it!.                                    RULES: *Share the link of the blogger who has nominated you. *You must answer all questions… Continue reading Unique Blog Award+ Self Esteem Tag


..Its A Collaboration 🙌..

WHATS IN MY MAKEUP BAG ' WINTER EDITION' Hey girl(s) hey, This post is a collaboration as you can see from the title above. Myself and Valencia from @pinkbubbles_blog decided to bring you guys a 'whats in my bag' winter edition. Sounds great? Then let's get right into it. 1) GARNIER MICELLAR WATER-  full size R89/… Continue reading ..Its A Collaboration 🙌..

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Oh my gosh! Guys my favourite jewellery  store has opened their first concept store at my favourite mall. Wow! I am sure you already know of the new Pandora concept store at Gateway Theatre of shopping in Durban. During the beginning of this year March 2017, A Pandora concept store had opened at Gateway Theatre of… Continue reading ..PANDORA STORE GATEWAY..

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6 months NO blogging? Where was I LOST?

Hey guys, Yes, I know. Its being 6 months since I did not blog. I will give you a legiate reason and NO fake excuse. Guys, Its being hectic to be in a 'blogger zone'. I was really upset in a way, thinking that 'Its all a waste of time and I wanted to give… Continue reading 6 months NO blogging? Where was I LOST?


..NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review..

Hey guys, NYX is one of my favourite brands. But i have not tried any of their lip cream products.I have heard good things about this product so I purchased one myself; the NYX soft lip cream matte. PACKAGING: The NYX soft lip cream comes in a plastic tube packaging with vivid colours that catches… Continue reading ..NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review..


Bloggers Recognition Award..

Hey guys, I am extremely sorry for not posting regularly. I have been getting very lazy lately .But I guess sometimes we all get like that now and then right? Anyways I am back now and will start again and also if I don't post you can always catch me on my social media 🙂  … Continue reading Bloggers Recognition Award..


..My First Giveaway 2017..

  This is a little something to give back to my followers. I would like to thank you all for your support and love and everyone who took their time to look at my blog really means a A lot to me 😚 WHAT YOU WILL BE WINNNING: ❤1 Wet n wild faux eyelashes. ❤1… Continue reading ..My First Giveaway 2017..

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Monthly Favourites – ‘January’2017

Beauties can you believe that the month of January is over and now its the second month of the year? Oh my gosh, time went by so far that I did no even notice. Anyway, today I am going to share with you my January favourites for 2017.   *  MRP straw hat - This hat… Continue reading Monthly Favourites – ‘January’2017

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..Tips For First year College/university..

First year of college / university  can be pretty tough especially when you not an organized person (me).The exams can be pretty tough. So today I am going to share with you my personal tips that helped me when I was in first year. TIPS FOR COLLEGE / EVERYDAY / EXAMS ❤ Say organized. I… Continue reading ..Tips For First year College/university..

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Best Shades For All Skin Tones

Today I decided to share with you some tips for every skin tone.   DISCLAIMER: I am in no way trying to pick on anyone's skin / colour ! I am  just trying to help you choose the right colours to match your skin tone if you know what I mean. I hope you enjoy 🙂   FAIR SKIN… Continue reading Best Shades For All Skin Tones