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Monthly Favourites – ‘January’2017

Beauties can you believe that the month of January is over and now its the second month of the year? Oh my gosh, time went by so far that I did no even notice. Anyway, today I am going to share with you my January favourites for 2017.   *  MRP straw hat - This hat… Continue reading Monthly Favourites – ‘January’2017

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..Tips For First year College/university..

First year of college / university  can be pretty tough especially when you not an organized person (me).The exams can be pretty tough. So today I am going to share with you my personal tips that helped me when I was in first year. TIPS FOR COLLEGE / EVERYDAY / EXAMS ❤ Say organized. I… Continue reading ..Tips For First year College/university..

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Best Shades For All Skin Tones

Today I decided to share with you some tips for every skin tone.   DISCLAIMER: I am in no way trying to pick on anyone's skin / colour ! I am  just trying to help you choose the right colours to match your skin tone if you know what I mean. I hope you enjoy 🙂   FAIR SKIN… Continue reading Best Shades For All Skin Tones

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..Feel The Love With Pandora..

Hey Beauties, Valentines day is coming soon and you know what? Pandora Jewelers has just launched their Valentines Day collection 2017. This collection has such beautiful and dainty looking pieces. Get your boyfriend or friends and family to read this to give them a HINT of what you would like for V-day 😉 . This is one of the charms in the… Continue reading ..Feel The Love With Pandora..

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..Makeup Tips & Tricks..

Here are some of my tips and tricks that I learnt and tried and tested out! * BROW HIGHLIGHT Apply a champagne shadow along your brow bone below your arch. This will define your brow shape and add a touch of sheen for a striking look.   * NATUARL GLOW : Use bronzer, instead of blush… Continue reading ..Makeup Tips & Tricks..

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DIY Remedies (For Your Skin)

So guys, Today I will share will you some of the skin problems we all face. Guys you might find some off these to be disgusting like eggs and yoghurt on our face but however we all love trying wired things in order to look good right? I will be sharing with you a solution to each problem… Continue reading DIY Remedies (For Your Skin)

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..9 Cures For A bad Day..

No matter how much we try to stay happy and be positive we always experience a "bad day".I guess it's part of life right? It's a normal thing. I suffer from depression as I previously mentioned in my depression blog post. I really do have a lot off bad days so today, I would love… Continue reading ..9 Cures For A bad Day..

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Two personal style looks

I  share with you two of my personal style/looks.   FIRST LOOK: EVENING LOOK About This Look: I decided to go for a dress since its for an evening (dinner/party).The dress is short but not too short! One side has an off shoulder which is wow sexy!  To spice it up i used an accessorie.… Continue reading Two personal style looks

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Monthly Favourites- November & December 2016

Hey guys as you can tell from the title ,this post is all about my monthly Favourites for the months of November and december 2016.Time went by so fast that I did not realize that this post was overdue.Anyways it's never to late right?! For these months I was mostly into skin care products.  … Continue reading Monthly Favourites- November & December 2016

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..Maybeline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Review..

I love trying new eyeshadow's out ,especially drugstore makeup because high-end products are costly and does not suit everyone's budget. Because Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brands I decided to get the 'Maybelline Diamond Glow pallete to try out. REVIEW: Okay so the packaging is just in a square plastic case with a… Continue reading ..Maybeline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Review..